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Nesting and Stacking Chair

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Ace defines what an affordable nesting/stacking chair should deliver.


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 Nesting and Stacking Chair

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Designed to be the “go to” seat when you need functionality to enable easy set ups, removal, storage and the ability to ensure a comfortable sit over time especially during long training sessions and company-wide meetings.

Ace is a nesting chair that also stacks up to 4 on the ground. It is available with an optional writing tablet which makes this chair ideal for meeting and training sessions in places that need to be configured, reconfigured and broken down to accommodate a variety of needs. The flip-up arms allow ace to nest easily for storage


Seat height: 18”H

Seat Overall: 18”W x 17.5”D

Backrest: 17.5”W x 17.5”H

Overall: 22”W x 25”D

Color: Black Upholstered Seat, White Poly Back Features

Continuous Nesting - adds 7" depth for each chair

Carpet Casters- Hard Wheel Rolling Casters for Soft Surfaces

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