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Dauphin Ball Chair

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What are the benefits of having a ball chair?

• Engages the mind by stimulating both sides of the brain to keep focus

• Helps Attention-Challenged individuals by allowing them to bounce or fidget which aids in concentration

• Builds better posture by forcing the individual to sit up straight and pay attention

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 Dauphin Ball Chair

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Lucille brings bounce and flexibility to your sit that will help you think big and push innovative ideas. This versatile seat is perfect for collaborating with your colleagues and provides a fun break from sitting in a traditional chair.

Lucille delivers a sense of humor while you wait. Lucille is available in four stretch mesh colors which exude a whimsical quality. Designed to be the “go to” seat when you need to rejuvenate, or the “idea” seat when you need to bounce a few ideas around!


Seat height: 17”

Seat Diameter: 22”

Colors: Stretch mesh available in green, orange, navy and black.

Features: Bounce seat with stretch mesh and swivel base


Lucille is easy to maintain over time. Simply use the hand pump encased in the base to keep the seat pressure at your desired firmness.

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